Gran Torino 2008 with English subtitles

Gran Torino (Gran Torino) An old veteran soldier named Walt Kowalski, who did not like the war with the Koreans, is now neighbors with a Korean family. The teenager of this family is trying to steal the precious car of “Kuala Lumpur”, a 1979 Gran Turin model.

Walt Kowskey is a man who lost his wife and lives alone. Although there have been many changes since the war so far, he still believes in his convictions and hates the Koreans because of the bitter memories of the war with the Koreans. But, in his neighborhood in Michigan, a Korean family lives. Kovalsky is a hard-working, always unhappy man who can not communicate with his neighbors and even his own children. After receiving the Korean War, he received a Gran Turin 1972 Machine as a prize, which he holds well.

One of the kids in the Korean neighbor is under pressure from her gangster cousin to steal Grand Torino, and Kuala Lumpur understands this very soon and decides to correct her. After Kuala Lump gets closer to the Korean family, they realize they are threatened by a gangster and are trying to save them.

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