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Gladiator: A Roman general who was defeated in war and whose family was killed by the corrupt son of the emperor goes to Rome as a gladiator for revenge.

Maximus is a powerful Roman general, whom the people and the emperor, Marcus Aurelius, love very much. Before his death, the emperor chose him as his successor, instead of his real son. This led to the rise of the power struggle and the death of the Maximus family by the Emperor's son. The powerful general who could not save his family, then goes on to become a gladiator. The only thing that kept him in front of him is to confront the murderer of his family in order to take revenge on him.

Awards list:

  • The winner is the best male actor in Oscar
  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Wins the best Oscar dress design
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Wins the best Oscar image effect
  • The winner of the best film – a story from the Golden Globe
  • Winner of the Golden Globe movie best movie music
  • Winner of Best BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best Producer of the BAFTA Film Award

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