First Purge Movie – The First Purge 2018

The First Purge 2018 (First Purge): The third US political party, the new founding father of the United States, comes to power and arranges a strange test: There is no law for 12 hours on Staten Island. No one should stay on the island, but anyone who dares to stay on the island will receive a $ 5,000 prize.

This horror film and action is about a psychological experiment that is being implemented by the NFFA for residents of Staten Island to make the first clearing. According to the experiment, there will be no law for 12 hours, and people will be free to do whatever they want to do without worrying about their punishment. What is meant by anything is, literally, everything: from theft and robbery to the murder, and the bloodshed and the crime. People can leave the island within 12 hours, but if they stay, the government will give them $ 5,000.

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