Fast and Furious 7 – Furious 7 2015

Furious 7 (Fast and Furious 7) “Decard Shaw, for the sake of his lost brother, wants to take revenge on Dominic Tortoise and his family.

Dominic and members of his group think that they have already passed through their massive crime and now they can live a better life. They were able to defeat an international terrorist named Shaw, and after that, each one separated their way. But now, Shaw's brother wants to take his brother's revenge by killing everyone in the Dominic group.

Worse still, a Somali terrorist called “Fake” and a dubious state official called “Mr. Hicks” are seeking to steal a computerized terrorist program called “God's Eye,” which can be any technological device To become a gun. Dominic and members of his group are once again forced to unite against Shaw, while the terrorist government has been struggling with the federal government.

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