Fast and Furious 6 Fast and Furious 6 2013 with Farsi Duplicate

Fast and Furious 6 (Fast and Furious 6) : Hobbes reunites Dominic and Brian to destroy a mercenary and criminal group. But, unexpectedly, Dominique faces his girlfriend, who thought he was dead, and everything is wrapped up for him.

“Dominique” and “Brian” will not be able to return to their country after the adventures of Fast and Furious 5, and they have to live as a runaway and leave their families. Meanwhile, Hobbes is tracking down from a professional criminal gang whose dominant brain is a girl named Laty. Latti has already been Dominique's girlfriend, and after what's happening, Dominique thinks she's dead.

Hobbes wants Dominique and Bryan to form a street tournament team, and, with this trick, trap the villagers and allow them to enter the country and live there. . They also accept, but in this case, Dominique is suddenly faced with a “stick”, which complicates the situation.

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