Fargo Movie – Fargo 1996 with English Dub

Fargo (Fargo) : Jerry Landgard suffers from financial trouble and tries to get some money by making a fake hostage, but he does not shoot anything and he does not do anything as he predicted.

Jerry is at work on the car dealership of his father's father, and has recently faced financial problems. He tries many ways and plans to get his money, but he does not succeed. And as it turns out, his father's father has also learned of the great embezzlement of Jerry. When Jerry gets off the map after the map, he will hire two people this time to kidnap his wife and take a hostage, and in exchange for his release he will ask the rich man's father to make money. But, right from the very moment of hostage-taking, which was supposed to be done without any crime and violence, all of a sudden suddenly everything is ruined and it's blood and bleeding, and every minute of blood is shed.

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