Falling Movie – Downfall 2004 with English Subtitles

Downfall : The last secretary of Adolf Hitler narrates the final days of the Nazi dictatorship in Berlin at the end of the Second World War.

In April 1945, Germany was on the brink of defeat of the Russian army in the south and west. In Berlin, Adolf Hitler orders his generals and soldiers to stay there and fight with the Russians and believes that he will win this war this time. The film is the narrator of the final days of the Nazi rule and Hitler's attempt to hold his troops. Unlike the past, German senior officers do not follow Hitler's command, preferring to escape the war with Russia and save their lives. But, there are still few other people who prefer to die with Hitler to survive. Hitler suffered from this kind of paranoid, which is a moment of hope and another moment of depression and is thought to be suicidal. When the end of this government comes, Hitler kills himself with his own hands, and the remaining members of his army will have to find a way to prevent further slaughter and surrender.

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