Edge of Tomorrow – Edge of Tomorrow 2014

Edge of Tomorrow 2014 (tomorrow's edge): A soldier sent to the front line for war with foreigners has been revived after being killed by the enemy each day and returns to the day before the death.

One races attacked the land and almost everywhere, and so far no single army has succeeded in defeating them. A soldier named William Cage (played by Tom Cruise), who has not even seen one day of the war, is sent to the front line by his superiors to take part in a suicide mission. At the very first moments, “Cage” is killed by the enemy, but he, who has been stuck in a loop of time, is resurrected and finds himself back one day before he was killed. And this happens repeatedly and repeatedly to him. It seems that destiny wants him to survive and change the war. After every time he's alive, he learns a new skill that makes him one step closer to defeating the enemy.

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