Download YUMI – Boot software and install the operating system via USB

Have you ever wondered what if you have a computer DVD-Writer or a DVD-ROM and need to replace Windows? Can I install the Windows flash drive? The answer is yes. You can use the arrow to install Windows, provided that it is bootable. We will provide a software solution that will solve this problem.

Yumi The name of the software is very small and functional, which gives your flash bootable several operating systems. This software can be installed on your Windows flash drive. In addition to Windows, you can use some software that requires booting, such as Clean-Up tools via flash and this program. Other features of this software Create a simple Windows installation tool that comes with every time you install Windows, and it's portable and does not require installation. With this software, depending on your flash volume, you can use your flash to install one or more operating systems. You can make this app interesting and efficient with direct links from the site Direct Download Links Receive

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