Download XL Delete – Delete securely, permanently and without the possibility of recovering files

Sometimes, for some reason, you can erase a file that can not be recovered or recovered under any circumstances. The software for erasing information in Windows works in such a way that parts of the files are left in the hard disk sectors and can easily be restored. In such situations, it is recommended to use software to permanently and permanently delete information such as XL Delete use.

XL Delete A professional but lightweight software that cleans up files and information in a computer with new and unique methods that can not be recovered in any way. The software uses various algorithms such as chopping and chopping Deleting files and deleting the files and rewriting the unused data on it will make it impossible to recover deleted files. In addition to the method of overshooting and hiding the volume and type of deleted files, software Recovery can not be recovered under any circumstances. It also has the ability to clear your browser history. Rend and footprints in Windows. You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the site Direct Download Links Receive


  • Permanently delete files without retrieval
  • Use the latest methods and algorithms
  • Clearing browser history
  • Suitable volume and high speed
  • And . . .

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