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Types of corporations make their own collections for the support of their software and deliver them to their users Windows Sysinternals Suite Another one that is produced by Microsoft is that it works for a variety of Windows problems and tasks. If you are also a Microsoft company user, download this software and use its high capabilities.

Examples of tools available in Windows Sysinternals Suite:

  • DebugView: Intercepting DbgPrint device drivers and OutputDebugString. This program allows you to view and record output debug session on local or Internet computers (without debugger enabled).
  • DiskExt: Displays the amount of disk mappings
  • DiskMonThis tool captures all hard disk activity and actions
  • DiskViewA tool for graphic representation of disk sectors
  • Hex2decHexadecimal to decimal and vice versa
  • EFSDump: Displays encrypted file information
  • HandleA manual command-line tool for displaying certain file processes that are open
  • LDMDump: Dump (drain) the logical disk contents of the database management to another disk
  • LiveKd: Using the Microsoft kernel debugger to study living systems
  • LogonSessions: List logon sessions enabled
  • PortMonAn advanced tool for monitoring the activities of serial and parallel ports
  • Process Monitor: Monitor file system, registry, process, thread and DLL activities in real time
  • PsExec: Run processes with user restrictions
  • PsInfo: Display system information
  • PsList: View information about processes and topics
  • PsShutdown: Turn off and restart optional
  • RootkitRevealer: Scan your system for rootkit-based malware
  • ShellRunas: Run an application from another user
  • Strings: Search for ANSI and Unicode fields in binary images
  • Whois: Specify the owner of the URL
  • TCPView: Activate the command line view socket
  • SDtelte: Rewrite important files and clean the previously deleted filespace
  • And…..

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