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Microsoft this year is a constant surprise to the users of the universe. The latest versions of Microsoft's products this year have attracted everyone's attention. Presentation Windows Server 2019 A tempting option for users is considered. Of course it should be noted that Windows Server 2019 Instead of focusing on creating newer features, it eliminates the bugs and defects of the previous version. With these interpretations, you'll still be faced with a new Windows server, not just the debugged version, but will continue to introduce the glimpse of this professional operating system.

Windows Server 2019 Windows Server 2019 The name of the latest version of Windows for servers, launched by Microsoft's famous company. Again, the core of this Windows is completely in line with Windows 10, and it's no different from the previous version of the 2016 version. The Windows Server 2019 is very similar to the previous version, but in general, we've seen a number of changes in the four sections: Hybrid, Security, Application Platform, and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

The most important point about Windows Server 2019 Back to Desktop Experience, which again can grab users with a nice GUI. Also introduced in this release is a new feature called System Insights, whose task is to analyze local reports promptly and predict potential server problems and thus prevent user problems. In fact, this feature is the most important point about Windows Server 2019. Microsoft has put all of the system management tools inside the Windows Admin Center, which does not require an Internet connection and is completely offline.

Meanwhile, a new rollup called Storage Migration Service has been released, which can update existing servers without any hassle and risk of losing settings. Another important feature of this version is SDN, which is completely secure and allows you to use only certain software to use the Internet.

General features of Windows Server 2019 (Windows Server 2019):

  • Complete bug fixes and bug fixes
  • Provides Desktop Experience and GUI
  • Introducing a new feature called System Insights to predict server issues
  • Collect all system management tools in the Windows Admin Center
  • Complete system management by Microsoft Azure
  • Provide a new roll of Storage Migration Service
  • The core fully complies with Windows 10
  • The ability to simultaneously simulate Linux in Windows
  • Provide SDN Security Tool for Internet Licensing
  • And . . .

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