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The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World – Learn It Play It One of the training courses of the company Udemy That teaches you the performance of famous guitar songs, along with great and practical exercises. This course, regardless of the level at which you are, is appropriate for everyone. Alex Simon In this course, you will be trained to perform simple, very hard and advanced tracks that, after the end of the course, you can easily play the famous songs with your guitar alone.

Prerequisites for this course:

  1. A guitar and a courier
  2. You need to have an “Improvisation No. 1” voice recorder as a reference.
  3. No background music required.

The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World – Learn It Play It:

  • Play the greatest guitar solo of all time
  • Perform “Improvisation No. 1” and be able to start creating their own advanced music works.
  • Approach practicing the guitar in a way that will increase your speed, clarity, and expression
  • Play a single note tremolo at great speed
  • Perform orchestral sounding chord tremolo
  • Add the Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz color to your chord solo
  • Master the two handed harmonic technique
  • Rip through different types of chromatic runs
  • Employ diminished open string licks
  • Make your solo breath with dynamics
  • Explore augmented and full tone arpeggios
  • Approach the fret board horizontally
  • Play incredibly complex music with the use of only two fingers

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