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The Best Math Skills for Preschoolers-Teaching Number Sense One of Udemy's training courses is showing you how to teach maths to children, especially preschoolers. Georgia Sas in this course includes: integrating psychological, logic, and entertainment methods for teaching math skills; analyzing the outcomes; how to introduce a new topic by stimulating the child's interest; identifying and correcting mechanical learning; understanding child psychology; building strong relationships Together with the children; Teaching numbers and playing with them !; and examining. This course can be very useful for both teachers and parents.

Topics The Best Math Skills for Preschoolers-Teaching Number Sense:

  1. Teach basic skills in mathematics with integrated methods from psychology, methodology, logic and fun.
  2. Analyze the results in terms of knowledge, behavior and perception of your children
  3. Learn how to introduce a new task by stimulating children's interest
  4. Identify and correct mechanical learning
  5. Learn the most effective techniques used by psychopedagogists and well-trained teachers
  6. Understand children psychology
  7. Build a stronger relationship with children
  8. Enhance your communication skills with children
  9. Teach correctly the next important topics in mathematics
  10. Apply the one you learned in this course to each domain dealing with children
  11. Learn how to save money by creating your own crafts for educational activities
  12. Develop teaching skills with a strong base
  13. Learn how to create irezistable activities for children
  14. Get inspiration for other educational and fun activities
  15. Learn tips and tricks in education that can be applied in all domains related to children
  16. Improve teaching and parenting perception and methods

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