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training course Udemy Tableau 9.3 Desktop, Server & Data Science It will teach you how to use commercial intelligence software and analytics tools called Tableau. In this training course, ExcelR Solutions shows how to perform statistical calculations such as linear regression, K-mean and R branches, after introducing Tablo software. It then examines the work with the data, such as data extraction and data composition, as well as various tabloid diagrams. In addition, it shows you how to filter, group, sort, and compute data, as well as maps, dashboards, and server software.

Topics Udemy Tableau 9.3 Desktop, Server & Data Science :

– Section 1: Tableau Introduction

– Section 2: Statistics for Tableau including Linear Regression, K-Means Clustering & R

– Section 3: Working with Data using Tableau including Data Extraction & Blending

– Section 4: Various Charts in Tableau including Text Mining

– Section 5: Forecasting / Time series / Trend lines in Tableau

– Section 6: Tableau Filtering

– Section 7: Tableau Groups, Sets, Calculations

– Section 8: Tableau Maps

– Section 9: Tableau Dashboard & Story

– Section 10: Tableau Server

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