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R Programming Hands-on Specialization for Data Science One of Udemy's training courses, which teaches R-programming in a fully-fledged way, especially to data science professionals, for statistical analysis. Irfan Elahi In this tutorial, I will include: setting up and using a development environment for R; installing and using packages in R; learning and using atomic data types in R; different ways to create axes in R; ; Vector labels and properties and their practical use; Advanced techniques for indexing matrices; and ….

Topics R Programming Hands-on Specialization for Data Science:

  1. Setup and Use the Development Environment for R
  2. Install and Use Packages in R
  3. Learn and use Atomic Data Types in R
  4. Learn and apply advanced explicit / implicit coercioning in R
  5. Learn multiple approaches to create vectors in R
  6. Understand the Necessities and Implications in Vector Coercions
  7. Understand Vector Indexing Principles in R
  8. Understand and leverage Vectors' flatness property
  9. Understand Vector Labels and Attributes and their practical use-cases
  10. Learn Matrices and multiple approaches for creation
  11. Learn how Matrices Dimension Property works
  12. Learn advanced techniques for Matrices Indexing
  13. Learn the Matrix Operations and Important Functions
  14. Learn the amazing use-cases of Lists
  15. Learn to leverage Lists' Recursive Nature
  16. Learn multiple ways to create lists (including from other data structures)
  17. Learn critical natures in Lists of Indexing, Labels, and Lists Properties
  18. Learn multiple approaches to create data frames (including from other data structures)
  19. Learn Data Frames sub-setting (beginner to advanced)
  20. Learn how to impute missing values ​​in Data Frames for efficient Data Analysis
  21. Learn R Control Structures (Conditional statements and loops)

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