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Music Theory, Guitar and Ear Training One of the training courses of the company Udemy It teaches you the basics of music, guitar, and good listening in full with practical examples and exercises. Will Edwards In this training course, topics include: full understanding of chords and harmony; understanding the connection between harmony and melody through chords; unlocking the relationship between simple rhythms and excellent grooves; how to use hearing power to better understand music; Describes the most advanced chords used in Heath songs; examines the use of harmony, melody and rhythm for playing blues songs;

Topics for Music Theory, Guitar and Ear Training:

  • Clearly understand chords and harmony.
  • Understand how Harmony and Melody are related through chord tones.
  • Unlock the connection between a simple rhythm and a great groove!
  • Learn how to use your ears to accurately and quickly understand music, learning songs faster by ear.
  • Dissect the most common chord progressions used in hit songs.
  • Use harmony, melody and rhythm to play the 12 bar blues (and hundreds of popular songs)!

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