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Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music One of the training courses of the company Udemy It teaches you how to use FL studio from beginner to advanced level and helps you write professional songs. Chester Sky In this course, you will find topics such as: using FL Studio; developing your own musical ideas to complete tracks; mixing your own songs; compressing and using time; EQizing your songs like professionals; using sidechain compression for harmonizing drums and melodies; layering of background sound and musical instruments; and many others.

Topics Music Producer Masterclass: Make Electronic Music:

  • Use FL Studio from the beginner to expert level
  • Develop musical ideas into full songs
  • Understand sound envelopes and use them to quickly learn any tool plugin
  • Mix your compositions
  • Fully appreciate compression and when to use it
  • EQ your music like the pros
  • Add sidechain compression to balance kick drums with your bass melody
  • Understand stereo width to make your songs sound great
  • Pitch correct vocals
  • Layer with backing vocals and instruments
  • Create vocal chopping effects like the musician Skrillex
  • Add amazing effects to your voice using vocalizers
  • Use Glitch Effects
  • Create Dubstep Growls
  • Master your music
  • Sell ​​your music online on distribution platforms and start earning money
  • And much much more …

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