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Minimalism – the Detox for your Life and Business One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you techniques for minimizing and simplifying your lifestyle. Stephanie Bosch In this course, topics include: Minimalism concepts; Minimalist benefits and benefits; Important points and follow-ups to simplify and eliminate unnecessary things; Dispose of unnecessary things in the workplace; Strength and ability. ” “Telling to buy unnecessary; and many more.”

Topics for Minimalism – the Detox for your Life and Business:

  1. understand the concept of minimalism
  2. the benefits of a more simplistic approach to life
  3. Try out some of the concepts and implement some steps for a more purposeful, simpler life
  4. Detox for more Happiness
  5. Benefits of Minimalism
  6. Tipps and Hacks to Simplify and Declutter

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