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Learn To Play The Drums Without A Drum Kit One of the training courses of the company Udemy It teaches you how to drill a professional without having to have any extra tools. Billy Baker In this training course, you will find topics such as: drumming with hands; preliminaries and first steps in drumming; drumming with the feet; how to read drum music; drum anatomy; and more.

Topics Learn To Play The Drums Without A Drum Kit:

  • Introduction
    3 Lectures 04:22
  • How to Play With Hands
    1 Lecture 02:21
  • Rudiments
    5 lectures 12:00
  • How to Play With Feet
    1 Lecture 02:13
  • Rock groove
    7 Lectures 14:15
  • How to Read Drum Music
    8 Lectures 18:29
  • Anatomy of the Drum Kit
    6 Lectures 22:47
  • Rudiments Revisted – Coordination challenge with feet
    7 Lectures 21:09
  • Rudiments – Flams, Drags and Ruffs
    3 Lectures 25:28

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