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Learn Microsoft Windows 10 for the Easy Way for Beginners One of Udemy's training courses is to teach you everything you need to know about the features and capabilities of Windows 10 and how to use them. Simon Sez in this tutorial, including: Searching for the Windows 10 interface; accessing the control panel and managing Windows updates; managing user accounts including adding users and changing passwords; managing various security options for Windows 10; managing the icons. Desktop and multiple desktop use; Notifications and Action Center management; Configuring display settings; Setting the clock and date; Setting up and managing the parent and child account; using the calendar app; and more.

Topics Learn Microsoft Windows 10 The Easy Way for Beginners:

  1. Learn how to navigate the Windows 10 interface.
  2. Discover how to access the Control Panel and manage Windows updates.
  3. Manage user accounts including adding users and changing passwords.
  4. How to manage various security options for Windows 10.
  5. Use the start menu, start apps, snapping apps and closing apps.
  6. Manage desktop icons, show the desktop and use multiple desktops.
  7. Manage the notification area especially the system icons, the app icons and the action center.
  8. Configure display settings, including setting the screen resolution, managing multiple displays and making some text larger.
  9. Setup and configure date and time, language, region, mouse, pen and touch.
  10. Navigate files and folders using file explorer.
  11. Create, copy, move or delete folders and files.
  12. Set up and manage family and children accounts.
  13. Set up internet connections, public and private networks, and use the network and sharing center.
  14. Use the calendar app.
  15. Set up your sound hardware, how to play music from CDs and how to create a recording.

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