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Learn JavaScript for beginners One of Udemy's training courses that fully explains the basics of JavaScript and teaches you how to use it on web pages. Laurence Svekis In this tutorial, it includes: creating variables and how to keep values ​​by variables; updating values ​​with operators; adding arrays to hold multiple values ​​in one place; working with objects for more options in saving values; saving In time, using javascript methods, examines the conditions applying and the use of switch expressions according to results, and so on.

Topics Learn JavaScript for beginners:

  1. Learn about variables and how they are used to hold values ​​in coding.
  2. Explore how to set values ​​and update variable values ​​with operators
  3. Add arrays to hold multiple values ​​in one place
  4. Work with objects for more options for value storage
  5. Find out about the power of arrays
  6. Functions provide even more programming capabilities
  7. Save the time with out the box JavaScript methods
  8. Apply conditions and using switch statements execute code depending on the result
  9. Save time use loops to execute code execution several times
  10. Also provided source code used within the course
  11. Everything you need to learn JavaScript and more

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