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How to Start a Blog – A 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge One of the training courses of the company Udemy It teaches you how to set up a blog using WordPress CMS only in 7 days. Zac Johnson In this tutorial, topics include: hosting and WordPress settings; configuring and configuring WordPress themes; creating your first blog post; creating pages about me and contacting me; starting an email list for your blog; creating user-call-to-actions; Adding a Home Page, Banner Advertising and Earn Money; and ….

How to Start a Blog – 7 Day WordPress Blog Challenge:

  • Day 1 – Hosting and WordPress Setup
  • Day 2 – WordPress Configuration and Theme Setup
  • Day 3 – First Blog Post, About Me and Contact Page
  • Day 4 – Start a Mailing List for Your Blog
  • Day 5 – Creating a Main Page and Pillar Content
  • Day 6 – How to Create a User's Call-to-Action on Your Blog
  • Day 7 – Adding a Resource Page, Banner Ads and Monetization

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