Download Udemy Google Analytics for Shopify: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Google Analytics for Shopify: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you how to increase your sales and revenue in Shopify using the Google Analytics tool completely and step by step. Adam Reed in this tutorial includes: Google Analytics linking Google Analytics to Shopify through a unique content; a complete overview of the Google Analytics dashboard; identifying key areas to use for your work; identifying key business locations. You are required there; Identify the best day and time to raise your advertising and marketing budget; use Google Analytics data; increase sales and productivity; and more.

Google Analytics for Shopify: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Link Google Analytics to Shopify using a unique Tracking ID
  2. Navigate your way around the Google Analytics Dashboard
  3. Identify the Key Areas you should use in Google Analytics
  4. Identify your best-performing demographics
  5. Identify Key Locations around the world where your business is LOVED
  6. Identify the Best Days, Hours, and Time of the Month to Maximize Your Marketing and Advertising Budget
  7. Understand how to use Google Analytics Data
  8. Understand why you should use this data
  9. Apply Your Own Data to Your Own Business or Website
  10. Minimizing Your Ad Spending and Maximizing Your Sales and Profit

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