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Fundamentals of DC Electric Circuits One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you everything you need to know about Ohm's law and the basics of working with DC electrical circuits, along with your examples and applications. Engr Ahmed Mahdy Ahmed This course deals with: The Basics of DC Electric Circuits; The Meaning of SI Units; International Units; Definition of Electricity and Electric Current; The Meaning of Voltage and Electricity; The Difference between Associated and Non-Resource Resources; Electric Basic Laws; Mode Performing calculations of electric bills; Ohm's law, parallel resistance and flow division, capacity and inductors, and many more fully.

Topics Fundamentals of DC Electric Circuits:

  1. Fundamentals of Electric DC Circuits
  2. meaning of SI units or International Units
  3. Definition of Electric Charge, Electric Current, Electric Voltage, Electric Power, and Electric Energy
  4. the difference between dependent and independent Sources
  5. Applications of DC Circuits
  6. the principle of TV Picture Tube or CRT
  7. electricity bill calculations
  8. Understand Ohm's Law
  9. Difference between Open Circuit and Short Circuit
  10. Difference between Fixed and Variable Resistance
  11. Understand Applications as Lightning Systems
  12. Maximum Power Transfer
  13. Understand Cascaded Op Amp Circuit
  14. Know the applications of Op Amp like Instrumentation Amplifiers
  15. Know what is an Inductor
  16. Understand Practical Capacitors and Practical Inductors
  17. Understand how to Simplify Parallel Inductors
  18. Know how to get energy stored in Capacitor
  19. Know the applications of Capacitors and Inductor as Integrator
  20. Know the applications of Capacitors and Inductor as Differentiator.

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