Download Udemy Fifteen Minute Hell: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout for Warriors

Fifteen Minute Hell: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout for Warriors One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you a variety of bodybuilding and bodybuilding exercises to help you get fat and get to your muscular and ideal body. Chris Pizzo in this training course included some types of exercises, such as hand stretching, wrist rotation, Indian scots, judo shots, gymnastic bridging, neck spinning, … 15 minutes of fast exercises, and many more. it shows.

Fifteen Minute Hell: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout for Warriors:

  1. You will burn fat and blow-torch off excess body weight so quickly that you can literally eat more than you usually do and still look better than ever.
  2. You'll sleep like a log. Eight hours of deep sleep will no longer be a goal. It'll be an automatic. As soon as you hit the rack you'll be out like a light.
  3. You'll pack a functional muscle on your legs, chest and back. From “bulk”, just lean muscle making you super flexible and incredibly strong.
  4. You'll triple your endurance and improve your athletic skills by (literally) leaps and bounds. While everyone else is sucking 'wind, you'll be running circles around them ready for more.
  5. You'll wipe out any back, shoulder or neck pain or discomfort you've had from years of inactivity, weight gain, or even past athletic injury.
  6. Your self-confidence will know no bounds. Especially when you got compliments from people who hardly paid any attention to you before.
  7. You'll turn the clock back and impress the hell out of your friends. Your friends will tell you that you look 5-10 years younger and beg for you to share your “secret”.
  8. Your muscles will be like those on a powerful jungle cat – relaxed, but ready, willing and able to spring into action at a moment's notice.
  9. You can train anywhere … anytime. In your living room, hotel room, outside, inside, anywhere. All you need is a few square feet of room and your good to go!

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