Download Udemy ExtentReports-Stunning HTML Reports for Appium and Selenium

ExtentReports-Stunning HTML Reports for Appium and Selenium One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you how to integrate and integrate ExtentReports with any tools or frameworks such as Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and Cucumber in Java. QA Ninja in this course will include: Integrating ExtentReports with JUnit; Setting up our projects; Integrating with TestNG; ExtentReports capabilities and features; and many more.

Topics for ExtentReports-Stunning HTML Reports for Appium and Selenium:

  1. Why ExtentReports?
  2. Integrating ExtentReports with Junit Framework using Junit Rule
  3. Creating Extent Utility Java Class
  4. Integrating ExtentReports with TestNG using TestNG Listeners
  5. Capturing and attaching screenshots is a test and log level
  6. Using Markup Helpers to add labels, code blocks and tables
  7. Setting up and deploying the ExtentX server locally
  8. Deploying the ExtentX server remotely on Heroku with Mongo DB is hosted on mlab

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