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Drones and Arch Viz: Compositing 3d With Live Footage One of Udemy's training courses is to teach you the addition of Drones and other filming tools to your workflow using tools built into the 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects tutorials. Adam Zollinger in this tutorial include: Camera tracking in After Effects software; Imaging with drones; Importation of drones images and movies at a later date; use a script to track tracked data; use tracking information in the software. 3ds Max; Composite and Final Video Rendering; and ….

Drones and Arch Viz: Compositing 3d With Live Footage:

  1. Take drone and other live footage, camera track it accurately, and composite 3D elements into the footage for a convincing visual effect.
  2. Camera track footage using Adobe After Effects.
  3. Match 3d models to your tracking information in 3ds Max.
  4. Composite using After Effects to accurately match lighting, color, etc. of the two footage tracks (rendered 3D and live action).

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