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Creation Nutrition – An Anti-Diet Lifestyle for Your Goals One of Udemy's training courses designed to shape your lifestyle and nutrition plan for a healthy lifestyle based on your main goals. Jeremy Belter in this course includes: setting up a healthy eating plan; eating psychology; tips and ideas for eating; nutrition science; common problems in achieving the goal; ideas for fitness, health and …; exercises and daily exercises; and many others.

Discussions Creation Nutrition – An Anti-Diet Lifestyle for Your Goals:

  1. Create a nutrition plan for yourself
  2. Learn the psychology of eating
  3. Learn what 70-90 nutrition means
  4. Action plan and tips and ideas for eating
  5. Science of nutrition
  6. Pitfalls for reaching goals
  7. The ideas are how to be healthier, more fit and much more
  8. Exercise routine and warm up routine and much more
  9. Bonus section that includes information from other programs

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