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Creating the Brilliant Beginnings in Storytelling One of Udemy's training courses teaches you everything you need to know about art techniques in fiction. Vanessa Grant in this training course includes: using great storytellers techniques to get started; discovering elements of fiction to persuade the reader to follow the story; understanding the power of body language, dialogues and narratives to build characters Attractive; understand the strong difference between “telling” and “showing”; analyzing various elements of an effect and obtaining and using feedback to improve his writing work; and ….

Topics Creating Brilliant Beginnings in Storytelling:

  1. Discover the powerful techniques of great storytellers use to craft brilliant beginnings.
  2. Discover the storytelling elements that stimulate reader anticipation, suspense and engagement, inviting the reader into the story world.
  3. Understand the power of body language, dialogue, and narration in building intriguing characters.
  4. Understand techniques and elements used for the story world, whether the world is present-day, historical, mysterious, science fiction, urban fantasy, or magical.
  5. Understand the powerful difference between “telling” and “showing”.
  6. Discover why there are no absolute rules for brilliant beginnings.
  7. Analyze powerful elements in other storytellers' brilliant beginnings with instructor feedback, building the knowledge base for your own growing skill in crafting brilliant beginnings.
  8. Craft stronger story beginnings to evoke curiosity and engage your audience.

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