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Copywriting: How To Convert Features Into Benefits That Sell One of Udemy's training courses that will teach you how to transform the features and capabilities of your products into the benefits of selling them more and better. Vladimir Raykov In this training, there are some of the features: the difference between the ability and the advantage; the conversion of cool capabilities into strong advantages for more sales; identifying the advantages of an advantage (a deep look at the benefits); identifying the best places to carry out marketing And writing advantages; critical factors for pricing your products and services; and ….

Topics Copywriting: How To Convert Features Into Benefits That Sell:

  1. Tell the difference between a feature and a benefit
  2. Convert cold features into powerful and emotional benefits that sell
  3. Identify the benefits of the benefit, meaning students will be able to dig deep into the prospect's mind and find what makes them tick
  4. Apply the concept “The Ladder of Abstraction” and instantly improve communication. (The Holy Grail In Marketing)
  5. Know where the best place for writing benefits is
  6. Understand and apply to TOP 3 trigger words that should always be implied in marketing messages.
  7. Apply simple but effective 3-step framework for writing marketing copy
  8. Understand the most important factor in pricing a product or service

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