Download Udemy Complete Photography Masterclass 2018 Courses: 4 courses in 1

Complete Photography Masterclass 2018: 4 courses in 1 One of the training courses of the company Udemy It completely teaches you the basics of professional photography and editing them in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. In fact, this course includes 4 separate training courses, photography basics, Photoshop software, Lightroom software, night photography and HDR photography. Creative Online School Designed and prepared for this valuable training course, published by Yudmila. In this course, you will learn topics including basic and advanced photography concepts, professionalization in night photography, acquisition of HDR photography skills, editing and editing of photos in Photoshop and Lightroom software, and so on.

Prerequisite for this course:

  • A PC and DSLR

Topics Full Photography Masterclass 2018: 4 courses in 1:

Understanding Photography Basics

  • Intro to Photography Basics
  • What is Exposure Triangle
  • Understanding Aperture
  • Understanding ISO
  • Understanding Shutter Speed
  • RAW vs. Jpg

Mastering Architectural, Night and HDR Photography

  • Equipment needed for Architectural photography
  • How to shoot in low light
  • How to shoot for HDR
  • How to process for HDR
  • And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography.

Mastering Photo Editing: Adobe Lightroom

  • Lightroom Introduction
  • Import photos
  • Collections
  • Working with White Balance
  • Digging with color corrections
  • Mastering Lens Correction
  • Working with Spot Healer
  • Working with Graduated Filter
  • Working with Radial Filter
  • Working with Adjustment Filter
  • Exporting images
  • Working with presets

Mastering Photo Editing: Adobe Photoshop

  • Mastering color pop
  • Working with Matte
  • Working with sharpening
  • Sun glass reflection
  • HDR with Photoshop
  • How to remove objects using Photoshop
  • Working with warm B / W effect
  • Working with Hue / Saturation in Photoshop
  • Working with vintage effect
  • Working with High Key effect

And more

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