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Bluegrass for the Curious Guitarist One of the training courses of the company Udemy It will teach you everything you need to know about the Bluegrass guitar, from beginner to advanced level. Dan Dresnok In this course, you will learn about 10 of Bluegrass's most standard tracks, the way Carter-Style warps, all the basics of guitar, the use of different rhythms for live chords, guitar melodies Bluegrass; how to read music for countless plays; Bluegrass Music History; and many more.

Course prerequisites:

  • This course is suitable for all people at any level.
  • Having a Guitar – Any Guitar with 6 Strings
  • You start with a very beginner level of this course.

Topics for Bluegrass for the Curious Guitarist:

  • Learn the 10 most standard bluegrass songs!
  • Learn the true “Carter-Style” of chord strumming.
  • Learn all the guitar basics from scratch or as a refresher.
  • Use different rhythms to make hords lively.
  • Learn bluegrass lead melodies!
  • Improvise solos using open scales.
  • Learn how to read music for unlimited amounts of songs.
  • Learn the valuable jam etiquette.
  • Understand the history of bluegrass music.

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