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Automated Software Testing with Python One of the training courses of the company Udemy It teaches you how to do software testing automatically using the Python programming language, BDD, Selenium WebDriver and Postman, focusing on web applications. Jose Salvatierra In this tutorial, you'll find topics that you should know about the automatic software testing with Python; common problems in testing; the best exercises for writing automated tests; writing complete tests for the system using Python and Postman; adjusting And launching a seamlessly integrated pipeline using Travis CI; adopting browser-based testing using behavior and Selenium WebDriver; And ….

Automated Software Testing with Python Topics:

  • Everything you need to know about automated software testing with Python (and how to enjoy testing too!)
  • Common pitfalls and best practices when writing automated tests
  • How to write complete system tests using Python and tools like Postman
  • Automate your application testing by setting up a continuous pipeline integration using Travis CI
  • Browser-based acceptance testing using Behave and Selenium WebDriver

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