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Sleep in Six Minutes – Bedtime Meditation for Kids One of Udemy's training courses teaches you how to do meditation with your children for easy sleep. Sandra Rea in this training course includes topics such as: using meditation with your children to create a sleep time routine; knowing exactly what to do when your child is tired and going to bed; using meditation; positive focus; And inducing strong beliefs in his or her child; optimizing the bedroom environment; and many others.

Topics for Asleep in Six Minutes – Bedtime Meditation for Kids:

  1. Use meditation with your kids to create an effoltr ess and enjoyable bedtime routine.
  2. Know exactly what to do during the day to make sure your child is tired of going to bed.
  3. Plug and play my bedtime routine. Trust the routine and get results.
  4. Use meditation, positive focus and suggestion to install positive, empowering beliefs in your children.
  5. Optimisation of your child's bedroom for a deep sleep to fast track your sleep success.
  6. Apply the four key factors that affect sleep.
  7. Access to 5 custom created meditations for sleep written specifically for children – you get both the audio to download and listen to and the meditation scripts to read to your child.

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