Download Transformers 4 – Transformers: Age of Extinction 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction (Transformers: The Age of Extinction): After the war between the “busts” and the “dispositions” in the previous series, the people and the government are pessimistic about all the transformer cars, and for this reason they have taken a stark stand against them. Meanwhile, the leader of “Automats”, namely, “Optimus Prime” disappears.

A man named Kid Eger, a robotic expert, encounters an old truck with a truck while collecting machinery and decides to take it to a garage for his house and repair it. When it comes to the garage, on the steering wheel, the logo shows the “busts” and finds out that the car is a Transformer. By connecting the power to the truck battery, he turns on and suddenly turns into a “bus”. This “bus” is not anyone except “Optimus Prime”.

After that, a group of Special Forces Transformers Border Combat Corridor will come to Kid House to deliver the “Optimus”. Optimus gives Kid and his daughter a runaway, but is being hunted by a Transformer hunter. Optimus tries to communicate with other “bots” to form an alliance together, but ….

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