Download Transformers 1 – Transformers 2007

Transformers: An old battle between the two Cyberton races, the heroic Autobot and the evil Decepticons, puts them down, where the power ball is in the hands of a teenage boy.

Years ago, on Cyberton's planet, the two groups entered a war of mysterious spell called “Allspark.” Anyone who has this spell can gain infinite and unlimited power. The “busts” group is the heroic car, and vice versa, the other is the ruthless and destructive machine led by Megatron. The “busts” succeed in pulling the spell out of the planet and moving it to a far more distant place, but the “Megatron” searches for it everywhere, and eventually traces it to the planet. His courage brings him to the earth and the Atlantic Ocean to gain power, and his coldness makes him crippled and crippled. His body is found by the Whitwick captain, but before he completely goes to hell, he uses his last energy to engrave the Allstark map on his captain glasses glass and send it to Cyberton's planet.

His body remains in the ship's captain. A century later, the grandson of the captain called “Sam Vítvíky”, whose friends call him “Spike” …

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