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Unified Networking Lab Lite is a virtual lab application for networking devices that includes all routers, switches, firewalls, and so on.

Unified Networking Lab Lite is a virtual lab application for networking devices that includes all routers, switches, firewalls, and so on. In this virtual lab, a few projects are being prepared by INE and IPExpert.

The file format is OVF, which must be run by VMware. This software is simulated on the Ubuntu operating system and requires at least 4 virtual CPUs and 6GB of RAM, and at least four Virtual Network Adapters.

The default web username, admin with the unl password, as well as Ubuntu, is the root user with the same password.

Devices supported by this application:

Dynamips (Cisco IOS emulation)
c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S6 (supported cards: PA-FE-TX, PA-4E, PA-8E)
c3725-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T14 (supported cards: NM-1FE-TX, NM-16ESW)
Other images from the above series should work too
IOL (IOS on Linux is also known as IOU)
And others
Cisco ASA 8.0.2 (Singe and Multi Context)
Cisco ASA 8.4.2 (Support Multi Context)
Cisco ASA 9.1.15 (Support Multi Context)
Cisco ASAv (ver; 9.4.1; 9.5.1)
Cisco ACS (ver 5.7)
Cisco CDA (ver
Cisco IPS – cips (ver 7.0-8)
Cisco ISE (ver 1.2)
Cisco vWAAS (ver 5.5.3)
Cisco WSA virtual appliance – coeus (ver 8-6-0-025-S000V)
Cisco CSR – csr1000v (ver;
Cisco NX-OSv – titanium (ver 7.1.0.ZD.363; 7.2.0.ZD.0.120)
Cisco vIOS – vios-adventerprisek9 (ver 15.4.3M L3; 15.5.2 L3)
Cisco vIOS L2 – viosl2-adventerprisek9 (ver 15.2.411)
Cisco vNAM (ver 6.2.1)
Cisco Sourcefire – sourcefire (ver
Cisco Wireless Controller – vwlc (ver K9-8-0-100-0)
Cisco XRv – xrv-k9 (ver 5.2.2 – 5.3.2)
A10 Networks vThunder Virtual Appliance – a10-vthunder (ver 2.7.1-p3-b76)
Alcatel 7750 virtual service router (ver 12.0.R6)
Arista network switches (ver 4.14.2F; 4.14.5F; 4.15.0F)
Aruba Networks security – clearpass (ver
Brocade Virtual ADX – brocadevadx (ver 03.1.01)
Citrix Netscaler VPX virtual – nsvpx (ver
Checkpoint Firewall – cpsg (ver R77-20)
Cumulus VX
Extreme Networks virtual – extremexos (ver 15.3.2)
F5 BIG-IP LM – bigip (ver 11.6.0)
Fortinet virtual FW – fortinet (ver 5.2.2; 5.2.3_build670)
HP virtual router – hpvsr (ver 7.1.049P1; 7.10.R0204P01)
Juniper Networks M series router – olive (ver 12.3R8.7)
Juniper Networks vMX router – vmx (ver 14.1R1.10-domestic; 14.1R4.8-domestic)
Juniper Networks vSRX FW – vsrx (ver 12.1X46-D25.7-domestic)
Mikrotik (ver 6.30.2)
Purchase Traffic Generator
Palo Alto virtual firewall – paloalto (ver 6.1.0)
S-Terra Firewall
VyOS – Wives (ver vyos-1.1.6-amd64)
MS Windows 7
MS Windows XP
MS Windows Server 2008R2
MS Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2
Various liveCD Linux images (eg tinycore, damnsmalllinux, slax)

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