Download the Udemy Master MongoDB course, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

Master MongoDB, the NOSQL Leader with Clarity and Confidence One of Udemy's training courses that teaches you the skills you need to work with MongoDB using different programming tools and languages. Gandhi Kumarasamy Sezhian in this course, including: working with the Mongo database; using MongoCHEF, NOSQL Manager, RoboMongo and MongoBooster; doing Regex, full text search, repeating and GridFS; simple and advanced CRUD operations using Mongo; Data Base; import and export data in the Mono Database; use Java, C #, and PHP to access the MongoDB database; and ….

Topics in Master MongoDB, the NOSQL Leader with Clarity and Confidence:

  1. Work with MongoDB with Clarity and Confidence
  2. Use 4 tools MongoCHEF, NOSQL Manager, RoboMongo, MongoBooster easily
  3. Do Regex, GridFS, Replication, Sharding, Full text search
  4. Basic and Advanced CRUD operations using MongoDB
  5. Import and Export data from MongoDB
  6. Work MapReduce, Embedded Documents, Save & Insert, Indexing, Capped Collections, TTL
  7. Bonus section * Use Java, C #, PHP, Nodejs to access MongoDB features like CRUD, GridFS
  8. Bonus Section * A 50 minutes MongoDB key function exercises

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