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Depression and Anxiety Destroyer P1 One of Udemy's training courses teaches you how to root out your depression or anxiety states and how to deal with them and achieve relaxation. Dr. Ehab Masoud in this course include: Identifying minor issues that lead to great anxiety; those that threaten your relationship and lead to depression and tension; Identify cases that can be deeply rooted in your relationship or success. You are influential; issues that threaten your success; eliminate unpleasant things in your relationship or in your work environment; and ….

Topics for Depression and Anxiety Destroyer P1:

  1. Catch MINORS, turned out to be a major depression or anxiety
  2. Catch what threatens your relationship and turns to depression or anxiety
  3. Catch things berried deep inside that ruin your relationship or success
  4. Why some people are born as winners in relationships and or life # losers
  5. Catch what threatens your success and turns to depression or anxiety
  6. DESTROY many ANNOYING things in relationships like you do not love me anymore! my relationship is struggling
  7. DESTROY many ANNOYING things in work like I can not do it, I can not tolerate
  8. Enjoy one of the kind THERAPEUTIC guided meditation that will give you amazing relief and heal in 20 minutes
  9. Catch what worsens your problems

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