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Corporate Leadership and Management Skills One of the training courses at Udemy is that it fully teaches you the skills you need to become a leader in your business. Vishal Choudhary in this training program includes: creating powerful and inspiring goals; creating and directing a high-performance team; developing a practical and effective strategy; using criteria for superior performance; creating a positive and meaningful working environment; How to set the target for the group; Manage time and create a plan for the entire group; and ….

Corporate Leadership and Management Skills Topics:

  1. Create an inspiring vision and powerful sense of purpose
  2. Build and lead a high-performing team
  3. Build a practical and effective strategy
  4. Use metric to drive superior performance
  5. Create a meaningful and positive working environment
  6. Learn how to be a better communicator
  7. Learn how to set goals for individuals and the group
  8. How to conduct effective meetings
  9. How to Build a sense of belongingness in employees
  10. How and why to periodically review team performance and plan the next action
  11. How to create an action plan for the whole group
  12. How to be better at Time Mangement for self
  13. How to help a team plan their work and help them with effective time management skills
  14. Yow will learn how to Delegate the right task to the right person at the right time
  15. You will learn how to set up time lines for each goal

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