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The legendary twins An anime series of the French product in 1991. The collection was made in 52 episodes by French author Jean Schalupin and with the production of French 1.

The main characters of this cartoon series Jules, A Chinese boy, and Julie, An English girl born from different parents but born at one hour and in one place, and their mothers have died at birth. They find each other with a grip of paranormal power and are destined to end their forces with the brutal imperial rule of China.

French name of this collection Les Jumeaux du Bout du Monde It means “twins of the end of the world” and its English name The Twins of Destiny It means “Twins of Destiny”. The English dubbed “The Legendary Twins” by Iran Television in the 1370s, and changes in the storyline, including the introduction of Jules and Jolie's brothers and sisters, and the father of Jolie, was unveiled.

Seven powers

Twins have 7 super powers that need to take each other's hands to call that power.

Power first: Deception powerWith the help of which they can tempt others to deceive others temporarily.

Second power: Wall strengthWith its help, they can create a protective wall of their own light.

Third powerPower breaking, With the help of which they can break down various objects.

Fourth Power: Lifting and moving bodies, With the help of which they can move heavy objects.

Fifth Power: The power of using devices, With the help of which can control various devices.

Sixth Power: The power of controlling elements and components of natureWith the help of which they can control the elements of nature, such as wind and tide.

Power Seventh: The power of mind controlWith the help of which they can control the minds of others and influence their thoughts. This power should be used as the last option, as it causes fatigue on the mind and body.

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