Download the Rise of the Triad DOOM Edition version of HI2U and Compact FitGirl

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Download the Rise of the Triad DOOM Edition version of HI2U and Compact FitGirl

About the Rise of the Triad DOOM Edition:

App Peak and Interceptor Entertainment are proud of the rebirth of the classic singer's first-person shooter, the “Triumphant Rise” now. Bigger, better and more ridiculous than ever before. H.U.N.T returns with a single player full campaign, a fully featured multiplayer experience and much more.
Key Features:
Step into the shoes of H.U.N.T. (With high risk of the United Nations Task Force) with five unique characters, each with different game styles
The explosion acts through more than 20 single-shot explosive levels
Unique online multiplayer maps restore all the fun and excitement in the classic Rott
The arsenal is full of over-the-counter weapons, including Flamewall, an incendiary bomb, a rocket split, a rocket drone and, of course, Excalibat!
Crazy back modes, with God mode, Elasto, Mercury mode, Shrooms and the favorite mode of all, Dog mode!
Build your own levels, mods and share them with the ridiculous development kit ™ and steam workshop
Find tons of secrets, collectibles, special events and secret areas to discover
95 achievements to add to your score, which is in leaderboards and tracking tracking system all over the world.
Rott is more bloody and ridiculous than ever, with a full personality and an enemy split
The original soundtrack is completely fake again in the fire of heavy metals!
Abundant nostalgia with the option to play with all the original music


OS: Windows XP or Vista 32-bit

Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor or Better

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT

DirectX: 9.0

Storage: 7 GB HD space

Download Link
Download Link Size
Download Part 01 500.00 MB
Download Part 02 500.00 MB
Download Part 03 500.00 MB
Download Part 04 500.00 MB
Download Part 05 500.00 MB
Download Part 06 500.00 MB
Download Part 07 500.00 MB
Download Part 08 500.00 MB
Download Part 09 500.00 MB
Download Part 10 500.00 MB
Download Part 11 500.00 MB
Download Part 12 500.00 MB
Download Part 13 500.00 MB
Download Part 14 500.00 MB
Download Part 15 500.00 MB
Download Part 16 500.00 MB
Download Part 17 500.00 MB
Download Part 18 500.00 MB
Download Part 19 500.00 MB
Download Part 20 167.83 MB

Installation guide

FItGirl installation guide

First, place all downloaded files in a folder. Then extract the files. Enter the extranet folder and install the game setup.exe file. Choose English when installing, and if you are unsure of the availability of additional packages, you will not need to select them because they need the Internet to install them. Run the game after installation.

HI2U Installation Guide

First, place all downloaded files in a folder. Get the resulting iso file using a virtual drive software as a drive. Enter the drive and install the game by installing the setup.exe file. Copy the content of the Crack folder to the installation location and select the Replace option, then run the game.

Zip password: Click To Copy

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