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Synopsis of Red Istanbul 2017:

In Red Istanbul, renowned author Denise Swissal decides to write a book about family and friends. To this end, he asks a writer named Orhan Shahin to critique his book, but…

About the movie:

Red Istanbul is a 2017 Turkish drama film directed by Farzan Azpetk. Actors such as Nejat Eischler, Khaled Ergenç, Tuba Buyukwaston, Mehmet Gonsor, Aiton Gچkçer, Apek Bilgin, Sara Yilmaz and Zarrin Tekindor have starred in the film. The film "Istanbul Sarkhkeh", based on a novel by Farzan Azpetak, was released in Turkish cinemas on March 3, 2017. Red Istanbul, a joint product of Beckham, IOMG and R&D Productions, has been nominated for numerous awards at various festivals, including being nominated for three awards at the 2017 Festival of the National Union of Italian Journalists and nominated for one. He mentioned at the 2018 Sadri Alishik Film Festival.

name of work: Red Istanbul Red Istanbul

Quality: HD 1080p, HD 720p

Score: IMDb 6.7 / 10

genre: Drama

Audience: This video is to the following people 13 Year is not recommended.

kind of movie: Red Istanbul 2017 Cinema Movie

the product: Turkey Red Istanbul

Director: فرزان ازپتک

stars: Rescue of Eischler, Khaled Ergenc, Tuba Buyukwaston, Mehmet Gonsor, Aiton Gokcher

Production Year: 2017 AD

Language: English ( English Subtitle)

period of time : 121 minutes

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