Download the movie Kill Ben Lyk 2018 with English Subtitle

Download the movie Kill Ben Lyk 2018 with English Subtitle

Synopsis of Kill Ben Lyk 2018:

The synopsis of the film states that in twenty-four hours, three people were killed in London, all of them named Ben Lake, now Scotland Yard decides to get involved and find clues to solve this case, but…

About the movie:

Kill Ben Lyk is a comedy, mystery and thriller film directed by Arvan Marinopoulos and released on March 6, 2019 in the United Kingdom and France. Also stars in this film are Martin Ford, Simon Ashley, Eugene Simon.

Genre: mysterious, comedy, thriller
Cast: Martyn Ford, Simone Ashley, Eugene Simon, Gretchen Egolf,
Category: Download movie, English Subtitle
Director: Erwan Marinopoulos
Countries: England, France
Release Date: 2018

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