Download the movie Im Your Woman 2020 with English Subtitle

Download the movie Im Your Woman 2020 with English Subtitle

Synopsis of Im Your Woman 2020:

The story of "I am your wife" takes place in the 1970s, and is about a woman who marries a thief and when one of her missions fails, she and her children have no choice but to hide. And as the danger approaches, she must protect herself and her child.

I am your woman (Im Your Woman) A film in the crime and drama genre, produced in 2020 in the United States of America Julia Hart movie director Stargirl (Download Stargirl movie) it was made. The script of the film Julia Hart With Jordan Horowitz Has written. Actors like Rachel Brucehann Serial actor Amazing Mrs. Mizel (Download The Marvelous Mrs Maisel)، "Marsha Stephanie Blake" film actor, film actress An American Pickle (Download An American Pickle Movie)، "Arinze" ، "Jameson Charles", "Justin Charles" And Bart Schaefer They have played a role in this film. Download the movie Im Your Woman 2020 with English Subtitle. Download the movie I am your woman

(Download the movie I am your woman with English Subtitle)

“Im Your Woman” Released October 28, 2020 at the Philadelphia International Film Festival in the United States. On December 11, 2020, it was launched by Amazon Studios in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Singapore and the United States.

This movie is on the movie review website Rotten Tomatoes Out of 88 reviews published, it was able to 78 Gain a percentage of satisfaction. Also on the film review website metacritic Out of 41 published reviews, it was able to score points 64 From 100 To devote to yourself.

Genre: Crime, Drama
Cast: Rachel Brosnahan, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Arinzé Kene, Jameson Charles,
Category: Download movie
Director: julia hart
Countries: United States of America
Release Date: 2020

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