Download the movie Beanpole 2019 with English Subtitle

Download the movie Beanpole 2019 with English Subtitle

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Synopsis of the movie Beanpole 2019:

In the movie Beanpole, it takes place in 1945 in the Soviet city of Leningrad. World War II devastated the city, buildings were destroyed, and citizens were physically and mentally distressed. In the midst of this, two young women are searching for meaning and hope in an effort to rebuild their lives in the ruins.

name of work: Between Beanpole Bridge

Quality: HD 1080p, HD 720p

Score: IMDb 7.2 / 10

genre: Drama | Family

Audience: This video is to the following people 13 Year is not recommended.

kind of movie: Cinematic

the product: Russia Beanpole 2019 movie between Paul

Director: Cantemer Balgou

stars: Paul Constantine Balakiro, Andrei Bykov, Olga Dragenova, Igor Shiroku

Production Year: 2019 AD

Language: Russian (English Subtitle)

period of time : 115 minutes

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