Download the movie 2007 No Country for Old Men

Download the movie 2007 No Country for Old Men
Synopsis :

2007 No Country for Old Men: After a clash between two drug dealers, a bag containing $ 2 million in cash remains there by a hunter who happened to pass by. It would be found. In the village of Texas, Lollin Moss, a hunter and welder, goes hunting in the desert, where he encounters a number of corpses that have been killed in a failed drug deal. In addition to the bodies, he found a large amount of drugs and quality containing more than $ 2 million in cash. Instead of informing the police, he decides to take the money. The same decision puts a psychic killer named Anton Chigur in the way of anyone who kills anyone, from a competitor to a boss, for money. “Moss” manages to escape from this ruthless killer several times, but …

    Award list:

  • Winner of Best Writer, Oscar-winning screenplay
  • Winner of Best Director Award from Oscar
  • Winner of the Best Film of the Year Oscar
  • Winner of Best Supporting Actor from Oscar
  • Winner of Best Supporting Actor in a Golden Globe Movie
  • Winner of Best Cinematography from Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Supporting Actor at the BAFTA Film Award

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