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Download the Moon and Leopard Series Episode 32 (Serial End)

Number of episodes: 35 episodes

Functional: Ahmad Amini

Author: Arman Zarrin Kob

Actors: Dariush Arjmand, Ali Shadman, Shahrokh Bakhtiari, Vida Yahan, Beata Saharkhiz, Atheneh Faghih Nasiri, Farhad Jam, Shiva Khaniyagar, Maryam Kazemi, Ali Soleimani, Saeed Doha, Sadrudin Shajareh, Amir Mohammad Zand, Shahrooz Ebrahimi and Pourandokht Majiman

Summary of the Adventure of the Moon and Leopard Series :

The thief finds the way for each house and Satan is in every soul for the sake of being present. Hajj San'an Na'imi believed that he had kept his heart for 60 years on Satan, and believed that the closure of the heart would continue until death …

The series “Moon and Leopard”, which has a social context, in part to retaliation as well as economic issues, is one of those serials that lasted for half of it in the past (5 years ago), and after part 16 of the tales in Nowadays are being narrated.

The story of “The Moon and the Leopard” is a city narrative of people who destroy their heaven of happiness and happiness in hell of lies and revenge and exuberance.

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