Download the hacked game Until Dawn BlaZe version for PS4

Game story
Play Until Dawn By the company SuperMassive Games Developed and designed for the PlayStation 4. In this game, you experience fear and excitement in a real sense. At first, 10 friends decide to go on a winter vacation together, and when they reach the heights of Washington, they decide to play, but in the meantime, one of their friends named Hannah separates from them and enters a hut in the forest. Now he is separated from his friends and is in danger at any moment, but Hannah does not know what is going to happen. Following Hannah's absence, her sister Beth follows her and finds her, but they are confronted by a terrifying creature who disappears strangely.

Now the remaining 8 friends go to the same strange and scary mountain to find out the cause of their friends' death. On this journey, they are confronted with frightening and terrifying events that must be done in an attempt to find the killer. Do they, like their two friends, strangely disappear and are killed? !!! The fate of the game is in your hands …

Game Features

  • A very scary and terrifying environment
  • Very catchy and rich gameplay
  • Impress the future of the game with gamer decisions during the game by the Butterfly Effect system
  • Make the right decision in the game
  • If you make a wrong decision, all 8 characters in the game may lose their lives
  • If you make a wrong decision in the game, it is not possible to go back
  • A scary and ruthless killer is waiting for you
  • Uncertainty of the end of the game and lack of a unique ending
  • And …

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